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Time is precious

Multiple threads and high bandwidth servers allow you to share your files as fast as possible.


Works on all devices works on nearly all browsers.
No Javascript is required for regular downloads.


Protect Your Files

Protect sensitive files with encryption.
Only users with the URL will be able to view it.


Safe and Sound

All transfers are done over an encrypted line.
Password protect sensitive files to keep them safe.


Take a look

Preview most video, audio and image files before downloading them.


Keep it light

Just head to the page and start uploading.
No sign up related hassle is involved.


Which file types are accepted?

All of them

There's nothing more annoying than selecting a file and having it removed due to a disallowed file type, therefore all files are allowed.

What's the file size limit?

10 GB

Just like file types, it's annoying to have a file get rejected due to its file size and to avoid this from happening you can upload up to 10 GB per file.

How do I upload files?

Drop or Click

Scroll up and click on the large box to select the file that you want to upload, or just drag and drop your file anywhere on this page to start uploading.

How long are my files kept?

As long as possible

You can set an expiry time by pressing the "Options"-button that's next to your uploaded file, otherwise your files will float in the clouds for as long as possible.

Why was my file deleted?

Expiry or Complaints

If your file expires or if a lot of complaints are sent in related to your file and it actually contains disallowed material, then there's a risk that it'll be removed.

Can I recover a deleted file?

No, sorry

Once the file is removed it's completely gone, no logs or records are kept and the only way it can come back is if it's uploaded again.

How can this be a free service?


In the future a paid service will be introduced offering more awesome features, but don't worry it will not restrict the features of the free service.

Are my files safe here?

In short; yes

All uploads are made securely over HTTPS and if you are sharing sensitive files then you have the ability to both encrypt your file and/or password protect it.

There's something I need to tell you!

We'd love to hear

Simply contact us and tell us what's on your mind - if you've found a bug or a serious security vulnerability then we'd like to reward you for letting us know.

Can anyone else see my upload history?

No, only you

Your upload history is saved locally in your browser's storage which means that only you (and those with access to your browser) can see your upload history.

Can I password protect my file?

Yes, it's possible

Once you've uploaded your file you can password protect it, forcing anyone who visits your file to enter its password before proceeding.